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Kerala Backwater Houseboat Packages

Cruise the backwaters with travelbugindia’ Kerala backwater houseboat packages. Sans a houseboat backwater cruise, any Kerala trip is incomplete. The magic of the shimmering waters is absolutely spellbinding and enough to unwind you, of your routine. Be it summer or monsoon, the backwaters never seize the charm. Allepey and Kumarakom are the top-notch hubs of Backwater tourism in Kerala. A beautiful cruise across these Kerala backwaters will give you a quaint view of the culture and the lifestyle of rural Kerala. However, the best time to avail a backwater tour is from October to February.

With Kerala backwater houseboat packages, we will help you find the best fit houseboat and pocket-friendly packages. A myriad of canals, estuaries, lakes and rich banks of forty-four rivers all flowing to join the Arabian sea sum up to the beauty of Kerala’s backwaters.

Village life is best witnessed on your cruise across these languid waters. Women engaged in their daily chores, children amusing themselves at their never-ending water games, fishermen spreading their nets from their small boats called ‘vanchi’, floating markets, rafting ducks in small and large number, Coconut trunks bent so low that their palms sway in the water, lush paddy fields, exotic birds and many more. Please do come and experience this incredible phenomenon called Backwaters of Kerala, as their one of its kind with Kerala backwater houseboat packages.

Kerala backwater houseboat packages arrange the state of the art houseboats or ‘kettuvalams’ as traditionally called for your exclusive backwater cruise experience. Each of them is well furnished and attired with bath attached bedrooms, a lounge with dining area, deck and kitchen. The houseboat cuisine is a must try. Its authentic spicy cuisine of rural Kerala. The seafood menu is the best along with Kuttanadan Duck Roast. Mouth-watering Kerala style vegetarian food is also served. Choose your favourites according to your likes.

The hospitality staff within the houseboat shall accompany and guide you throughout your cruise, taking care of all your needs.

What can be more beautiful than a honeymoon cruise through the splendid backwaters of Kerala? The grace and elegance of the languid backwaters is the best way to commence a beautiful journey of life with your partner. Travelbugindia holidays’ Kerala houseboat holiday tours are all set to create a beautiful memory of your lifetime.

Nights spend in the Houseboat, anchored somewhere in the backwaters under the starlit sky will be the most romantic episode of your Honeymoon. The bewitching silence of the placid waters is a must experience magic. Wake up to the cackling of ducks and dreamy sunrises over the tranquil inlets. Come, Travelbugindia holidays’ Kerala houseboat holiday tour has the perfect team to make your honeymoon a beautiful one. Call us or drop a mail and get yours booked today!

Kerala houseboat holiday tours not just take you on a cruise, it lets you experience the charm of the backwaters. The surrounding shorelines are in hues of green with coconut palms, paddy fields, wetland trees and lush bushes at times populated with both exotic and migratory birds. Thanks to them and the unique species of aquatic life for the deep green of the backwaters.

The packages of Kerala houseboat holiday tours has beautiful itineraries which takes you to the hidden treasures of Kerala’s backwater tourism, its remote islands. They are picturesque and elegant for that ultimate picture of you with your better half. Indulge in fishing, birding and snapping pictures or listen to the far cry of an exotic bird which just flew above you. Or just relax and listen to the soft lapping of the waters in rhythm with your heartbeat.

The picturesque view of Houseboats cruising the Backwaters is a priceless view and experience. Float in the lap of nature and paint your dreams with your beloved while Anza holidays takes care of your Kerala houseboat holiday tours.

Kerala has many inland waterways of which Backwaters are the highlight. Cruising in traditional Kettuvalam is ‘the experience’ in a Kerala backwater holiday packages. These houseboats had been cruising the backwaters since centuries. They were the major transport services in a state which is much connected by waterways. They were also used for transporting goods like rice and spices. Rural life of Kerala is best seen on a houseboat cruise.

Allepey, Kumarakom, Kochi and Kollam are the houseboat hubs of Kerala. Allepey is the major houseboat hub and it is also the key reason behind which the region evolved as a major tourist destination. Backwaters of Alleppey alone spans around 900km. Book Kerala backwater holiday packages to experience the tranquil backwaters of Kerala. You can engage in activities such as fishing, birding, trying out local cuisines. If you like to click candid pictures, then backwater cruise is the ideal thing to do. You get to snap paddy fields, palm-fringed shores, locals engaged in daily chores, markets, houses on tiny islands, a small and large raft of ducks.

Kerala backwater holiday package has the best deals that suits every pocket.  Do checkout the lunch served in houseboats which are authentic Kerala local cuisine and the highlights are Kuttanadan delicacies like duck roast, Karimeen pollichathu, etc. It’s finger licking good!

Backwaters of Kollam is known as the gateway of Backwaters. Tourists around the world visit Kollam to experience the hidden treasures of Kerala backwater experience. Kollam backwaters extends from the Ashtamudi Lake, the second largest lake in Kerala. Enjoy the scenic coconut palm fringed shores of Kollam and smile at the warmness of children who waves at you engaged in their own water sports. Proximity to Agasthyamala bio-sphere brings in a lot of exotic birds flying by. Backwaters of Kumarakom and Kochi is a visual treat with tranquil waters , paddling ducks, floating markets, fishing nets, fisher men, and hypnotic sunsets. Vembanad Lake, the largest lake in Kerala offers the best of Kochi backwaters. Kerala Backwater holidays package has a wide array of packages to choose from for ultimate backwater experience. From day cruises to overnight stay in houseboat or longer cruises like Kochi to Allepey houseboat backwater cruise or Kollam to Allepey houseboat backwater cruises.

Anza Holidays’grand South India tour packagehas created a myriad of south Indian delights in its broad collection of itineraries to satisfy a distinct traveller. The cultural tours in South India permits you to explore the region’s culture, heritage, art, cuisine and festivals in its best form.

Experience the beautiful and magnanimous South India atgrand South India tour package. Treat yourself to cities that reigned before time and is still full of life. Commencing with Mahabalipuram, a classified UNESCO World Heritage Site, and was a crowded sea port since 1st century by the august Pallava dynasty. Tanjore, the rice bowl of Tamilnadu. The highlight of the region is the 1000 year oldBrihadeeswarar Temple, a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site known as the “Great Living Chola Temples”. The 2500 year old Sri Meenakshi temple is one of the most beautiful temples of South India located in Madurai. The region is the birthplace Tamil language, one of the oldest language spoken on earth. The next stop would be the capital city of the neighbouring state of Andhra Pradesh.Hyderabad is a contrast to itself. It is a traditional city of pearls, palaces and tombs which simultaneously is a hi-tech city with a floating crowd and incredible Night life. Several parts of the city is still bookmarked with the Nizam culture, an era of unfathomable riches and splendour. Do visit Charminar,LaadBazar,HussainSagarlake,Golkonda,Ramojifilm city ,QutbShahi Tombs and not to forget to indulge in the renowned Hyderabadi Dum Biriyani.

Cochin, a natural harbour and the commercial capital of Kerala has charmed travellers and explorers since the 1st century till date. Cochin is loved for its laid back culture, old world charm and its rich history accentuated by the number of invasions it faced and her evolution as the Queen of Arabian Sea.

Mysore the cultural hub of Karnataka is sweets, palaces, silks and sandalwood. An ancient city of luxury and grandeur. Mysore has seen life which was larger than life itself, such was the magnanimity of the state’s riches. Brindhavan Gardens, Krishnarajasagara Dam, Mysore Palace,St, Philomena’s Church, Chamundeshwari are the must see spots in Mysore.

Choose your grand south India tour package to experience the profundity of Peninsular South India.

“When Greece and Italy, those cradles of modern civilisation, housed only the tenants of the wilderness, India was the seat of wealth and grandeur.” As recorded in History of British India by Thornton sums up about how incredible India is. Feast yourself to the incredible places of India with travelbugindia’ India special tour operators.

We have the very best packages for you to choose according to your taste, comfort and pocket.India special tour operators can arrange any mode of travel assistance to any Indian destination of your choice. The great Indian Subcontinent astounds the world with 515 wildlife sanctuaries, 120 national parks and 18 Bio-reserves, 9 of which are part of the World Network of Biosphere Reserves. Comprising about 60-70% of the world’s biodiversity. Three among the world’s thirty five biodiversity hotspots is located in the Eastern Himalayas, The Western Ghats and Indo-Burma. Corbett National in Uttarakhand is noted and reserved for the Majestic Bengal Tigers.Project Tiger was first launched in this park to protect and care the endangered imposing Bengal Tigers. Kaziranga National Park in Assam is declared by UNESCO as a world heritage centre and is the only natural habitat of the endangered One-Horned Rhinos in the world. After spotting a significant number of Tigers, it is also declared as a Tiger reserve forest.The Bandipur National Park is another major destination and is the hotspot for Tusker trails also a significant number of Tiger population is present here. For the adventure junkie in you catch all the adrenaline rush at Rishikesh, riding through the rapids of Ganga is a frenzied episode.

Also check out the famous Golden Triangle tour, covering the heritage zones of Delhi, Jaipur and Agra. Another Splendid trip is of course temple tours in South India. Designed in Vedic Architecture and influenced by decors and faith of great dynasties that ruled the respective eras of construction are five poetries carved out of stone.

Treat yourself to South India travel tour packages in Indiafor top summer holiday destinations in South India. Our special packages has the right features for you to relax and satiate on your summer trip. We have the best of Honeymoon special South India packages as well as South India summer special packages to get you the best of South India experience.

South of India has the coolest spots to beat the flaming summer. The coolest Beaches of Goa, Emerald green Tea and Spice Plantations of Munnar, Tropical dense Rainforests and Tiger reserve of Thekkady, Beautiful blue mountains of Ooty, the mystic peaks of Kodaikannal, Stone age caves of Wayanad.Discover South India tourism, or book your Weekend Getaways in South India through our South India travel tour packages in India.

Summer cab be best splashed out with Anza Holidays’South India travel tour packages in India. Munnar, a paradise for bird watchers is a breathtakingly beautiful hill station situated on the Western Ghats ranges that extends to Kerala. The rolling hills carpeted with perfectly pruned tea trees renders to Munnar’s picture perfect charm. Munnar is home to the incredible shy creatures, the NilgiriThar. The flora and fauna of Munnar are unique and strictly endemic.

Complementing the beauty Of Munnar is the nearby destination called Thekkady. One of the richest wildlife reserves, it is definitely the best choice to visit in summer. As the water sources within the jungle dries up, animals come out from the dense forest to the banks of the artificial lake created by the Mullaperiyar dam to quench their thirst, thus offering the most incredible wildlife sighting. Thekkady has the options of treks, mountain walks, border hiking, night safaris and more. Periyar Tiger reserve is one of the 27 tiger reserves of India and is passionately guarded.

Wayanad is the proud land of aborigines, forests, mountains and caves. Rugged terrains up to 2100 metres above sea level with the most exciting winding hairpin bends and ridges of the state. The rich history and mythical background of Wayanad dates back to Stone Age. Kerala’ distinctive tribes are majorly settled in Wayanad, no description is complete without mentioning the land’s original custodians, its aborigines.

Beaches of Goaare blessed withrich marine life, mesmerising sunrises, profound sunsets and hypnotic moonrises with rock studded coastlines. Avail the best of Goa at South India travel tour packages in India.Goan beaches are so full of life. The ideal summer destination for worldwide beach bummers.
The quaint little hill town called Kodaikanal in Tamil Nadu is a postcard perfect destination with pristine vistas, cool climate and plenitude of adventure trails. This mystical high range is a favourite among south India’s summer retreats.

Ootacamund dearly called as Ooty located in the Nilgiris is a beautiful mist clad highrange favoured by people for its unique botanical garden and the Nilgiris Mountain Railway, which takes you on a heritage train journey ranging from 300 to 7000 feet above sea level.

Travel with Anza Holidays’south India travel tour packages in India when summer knocks your door!

Kerala, the land of elephants. The guards of the rain forest! No wonder these incredible tuskers are unavoidable in all cultural processions and festivities in Kerala. Make sure when you book your Kerala holiday packages in India, include at least one temple festival to literally see our words. However Thrissur pooram is our best choice, a festival that beats all others. The city of Thrissur is Kerala’s cultural capital. A 200 year old celebration called Pooram, with caparisonedtuskers, frenzy percussions and gathering of people from all walks of life and of different faith.

Kerala has always been a host to people of different culture and nationality since the 9th century and nothing much has changed till date. The city of Cochin is a manifestation of the same. Arabs, Romans, Moors, Chinese, Portuguese, French and British made the land world famous. However the Jewish community were the pioneers since the 1st century. Kerala holiday packages in India has many itineraries or packages, that will take you to this quaint place called Fort Cochin which has a laid back culture, blame it on the old world European hangover. Churches, synagogues, temples, palaces, many centuries old leftovers of all the traders. The Chinese fishing nets to name one.

Kerala is also renowned for its pristine beaches and intertwined backwaters. With the Arabian Sea lapping on the shores of this coastal region, it is a favourite destination among beach bummers. Kerala Holiday packages in India has an array of tour packages for all beach lovers. Kerala’s palm fringed pristine beaches are balmy and refreshing for any who step in. It also offers the best sunsets around the world. A cruise through the backwaters of Kerala is a one of its kind experience. Gliding through the intricately woven scintillating waters is a profound affair.

The palm shaded backwaters, pristine beaches, heritage hotspots everything take a sharp change once you travel to the hill stations. Tea tree carpeted Munnar to Wildlife abundant Periyar to Stone Age caves of Wayanad, is loaded with rich flora and fauna of the tropical evergreen rain forest. Explore and enthral with Kerala holiday packages in India to get the best of these magical hills.

A thin lush green strip of land on the southern tip of Peninsular India, spread just over 15000 square mile is a wonder in itself.  Kerala is loaded with cultural, natural and geographical elements that could never stop to stun a traveller. The Lonely Planet awarded Kerala as the best family destination at the World Travel Mart in London.

Anza Holidays hosts the best Kerala vacation throughtheir Tour Packages in Kerala with price. We can help you experience and live the reason behind the slogan, God’s own country. Guarded and blessed sumptuously by the Western Ghats and Arabian Sea. The tropical climate of Kerala owes much to the evergreen rainforest of the Western Ghats, 40% of which ranges in Kerala. Also among the 44 rivers of the region, 41 originates from the Western Ghats. 20 among 39 World Heritage sites’ properties including national parks, wildlife sanctuaries and reserve forests of Western Ghats lies in Kerala. Thus making Munnar and Thekkady a favourite destination among inbound and outbound travellers.

Kerala is blessed with dramatic beaches right from the northern coast of Malabar to the southern coast of Kovalam. All natural beaches of Kerala is what draws globe trotters all year round. Be it summer, monsoon, autumn or winter, the beauty of these beaches are always unfailing. Kerala Holiday Tour Operators has special beach holiday packages for your perfect beach vacation. Palm fringed beach of Cherai, Lighthouse beach of Kovalam, Catamaran populated beach of Chowara, Drive in Beach of Muzhappilangad, and Historic Beach of Bekal are just the few among the long list. They could be discovered at your ease with our Tour packages in Kerala with price.

The backwaters of Kerala, an intertwine network of glistening waters is truly the soul of Kerala. Cruise through this geographical wonder to experience the soul of Kerala, which is her villages, farms and local cuisine.

Our Tour packages in Kerala with prices also offers the best Ayurveda deals. Which helps you to plan or budget your Ayurvedichealing and rejuvenation at your own pace from Ayurveda’s homeland, Kerala. Make sure to collect ample souvenirs from God’s own country, since there is no land as diverse like Kerala on this planet.

Kerala holiday tour operatorsoffers you a myriad of fine travel experiences in God’s own country, Kerala. Organising a dream vacation with zero glitches is what every tour operator aspires to be. Offering our guest nothing but the best of their expectation is our core strength.

We have the best deals of Holiday Packages in Kerala with the very best of Kerala Holiday tour operators.Our ample experience and product knowledge help us to chart the perfect itinerary for anybody who wants to experience Kerala. With a highly charged up team of enthusiastic and amiable professionals also with our association extending to leading Hotels, Resort chains, Houseboats and Ayurveda centres, we could give you the hottest deals on your Kerala Holiday.

Kerala holiday tour operators can meet all travelling needs either for leisure, family, group and lone travellers, offering best deals on Kerala holiday packages in India.Once you have decided Kerala as your next destination leave all your travel plans to us. Let us handle all travel hassles for you, so that you could have a splendid carefree vacation.Our assistance can be assured throughout your tour, please know that we care. We comprehend our clients and always impart on our promises.
In a nut shell, we just don’t stop at offering customized packages, but see to it that the tour goes trouble-free and effortless as planned for an incredible travel experience.

Quoting Emerson, “Live in the sunshine, swim in the sea, and drink the wild air” is truly the experience offered by Kerala holiday tour operators.Being a customer-driven tour operator, we fully understand the likes and dislikes of the traveller and contemplate them while making travel deals. The result if which is tailor-made packages that allow clients to have maximum fun without burning a hole in the pocket.Whatever your travel fancy be–Beaches, backwaters, hill stations, wildlife or cultural – we could tailor-make exclusive Kerala Tour Packages for you so that you enjoy your holidays to the maximum.Indeed Kerala Tours is definitely the gateway to Delightful Holidays.

India Holiday Tour Packages gives you the phenomenal experience of a world enriched with ancient culture and modern living. Indian holidays has the right ingredients to pep up a cultural and spiritual traveller with the optional compliments of adventure, luxury and bohemian.

We at Travelbugindia Holidays brings you the authentic Indian Holiday experience through our exquisite array of India Holiday Tour Packages. Right from the northern tip of India with the Mighty Himalayas to the Southern tip of Kanyakumari’s mesmerizing beaches, India offers a myriad of experiences to the traveller.

North of India is a visual feast. A silo of Culture , Heritage and Regality, with the sky-high snow covered mountains of artic Ladak; Unplugged spirituality of Uttaranchal; the golden sands of the Great Indian Desert; India’s crowned legacy, the TajMahal of Agra; Historic capital city of Delhi, Thunderbolt hub Darjeeling; Paradise on earth, Kashmir and the list just go on. South of India is a beautiful cultural and geographical contrast to North India with its balmy beaches, magnificent temple architectures, UNESCO sites, wildlife sanctuaries and flora and fauna of Jurassic age. Stone Age caves, spice plantations, astounding temples all perfectly blended with the old world European charm. If that aren’t enough, cruise the rarest and mesmerising geographical phenomenon, the backwaters of Kerala also experience authentic Ayurveda, a profound tradition, healing the world since 5000 years.

Our India Holiday tour packages are handpicked and quality checked by experts of the trade. We offer nothing but experience and memories to cherish with the best deals on your Indian holiday. We function brilliantly in every detail to make your travel relaxing and rejuvenating.

Choosing any of these holiday packages provided in India holiday tour packages will fill you with wholesome experiences that you will love to treasure with your friends in joyful time. Find all the best deals of India holidays tour packages with us!Our comprehensive services are accomplished with maximum efficiency with taking into account every minute details. Holiday Anza is seasoned enough to take you across India and the globe with great delight and ease. Please do come and experience the hospitality of beautiful India.