Special Features of Kerala Backwater & Houseboat Packages

Kerala Backwater Houseboat Packages

Kerala Backwater Houseboat Packages

Cruise the backwaters with travelbugindia’ Kerala backwater houseboat packages. Sans a houseboat backwater cruise, any Kerala trip is incomplete. The magic of the shimmering waters is absolutely spellbinding and enough to unwind you, of your routine. Be it summer or monsoon, the backwaters never seize the charm. Allepey and Kumarakom are the top-notch hubs of Backwater tourism in Kerala. A beautiful cruise across these Kerala backwaters will give you a quaint view of the culture and the lifestyle of rural Kerala. However, the best time to avail a backwater tour is from October to February.

With Kerala backwater houseboat packages, we will help you find the best fit houseboat and pocket-friendly packages. A myriad of canals, estuaries, lakes and rich banks of forty-four rivers all flowing to join the Arabian sea sum up to the beauty of Kerala’s backwaters.

Village life is best witnessed on your cruise across these languid waters. Women engaged in their daily chores, children amusing themselves at their never-ending water games, fishermen spreading their nets from their small boats called ‘vanchi’, floating markets, rafting ducks in small and large number, Coconut trunks bent so low that their palms sway in the water, lush paddy fields, exotic birds and many more. Please do come and experience this incredible phenomenon called Backwaters of Kerala, as their one of its kind with Kerala backwater houseboat packages.

Kerala backwater houseboat packages arrange the state of the art houseboats or ‘kettuvalams’ as traditionally called for your exclusive backwater cruise experience. Each of them is well furnished and attired with bath attached bedrooms, a lounge with dining area, deck and kitchen. The houseboat cuisine is a must try. Its authentic spicy cuisine of rural Kerala. The seafood menu is the best along with Kuttanadan Duck Roast. Mouth-watering Kerala style vegetarian food is also served. Choose your favourites according to your likes.

The hospitality staff within the houseboat shall accompany and guide you throughout your cruise, taking care of all your needs.

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