Honeymoon Holiday at Kerala Houseboat

What can be more beautiful than a honeymoon cruise through the splendid backwaters of Kerala? The grace and elegance of the languid backwaters is the best way to commence a beautiful journey of life with your partner. Travelbugindia holidays’ Kerala houseboat holiday tours are all set to create a beautiful memory of your lifetime.

Nights spend in the Houseboat, anchored somewhere in the backwaters under the starlit sky will be the most romantic episode of your Honeymoon. The bewitching silence of the placid waters is a must experience magic. Wake up to the cackling of ducks and dreamy sunrises over the tranquil inlets. Come, Travelbugindia holidays’ Kerala houseboat holiday tour has the perfect team to make your honeymoon a beautiful one. Call us or drop a mail and get yours booked today!

Kerala houseboat holiday tours not just take you on a cruise, it lets you experience the charm of the backwaters. The surrounding shorelines are in hues of green with coconut palms, paddy fields, wetland trees and lush bushes at times populated with both exotic and migratory birds. Thanks to them and the unique species of aquatic life for the deep green of the backwaters.

The packages of Kerala houseboat holiday tours has beautiful itineraries which takes you to the hidden treasures of Kerala’s backwater tourism, its remote islands. They are picturesque and elegant for that ultimate picture of you with your better half. Indulge in fishing, birding and snapping pictures or listen to the far cry of an exotic bird which just flew above you. Or just relax and listen to the soft lapping of the waters in rhythm with your heartbeat.

The picturesque view of Houseboats cruising the Backwaters is a priceless view and experience. Float in the lap of nature and paint your dreams with your beloved while Anza holidays takes care of your Kerala houseboat holiday tours.

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