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Anza Holidays’grand South India tour packagehas created a myriad of south Indian delights in its broad collection of itineraries to satisfy a distinct traveller. The cultural tours in South India permits you to explore the region’s culture, heritage, art, cuisine and festivals in its best form.

Experience the beautiful and magnanimous South India atgrand South India tour package. Treat yourself to cities that reigned before time and is still full of life. Commencing with Mahabalipuram, a classified UNESCO World Heritage Site, and was a crowded sea port since 1st century by the august Pallava dynasty. Tanjore, the rice bowl of Tamilnadu. The highlight of the region is the 1000 year oldBrihadeeswarar Temple, a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site known as the “Great Living Chola Temples”. The 2500 year old Sri Meenakshi temple is one of the most beautiful temples of South India located in Madurai. The region is the birthplace Tamil language, one of the oldest language spoken on earth. The next stop would be the capital city of the neighbouring state of Andhra Pradesh.Hyderabad is a contrast to itself. It is a traditional city of pearls, palaces and tombs which simultaneously is a hi-tech city with a floating crowd and incredible Night life. Several parts of the city is still bookmarked with the Nizam culture, an era of unfathomable riches and splendour. Do visit Charminar,LaadBazar,HussainSagarlake,Golkonda,Ramojifilm city ,QutbShahi Tombs and not to forget to indulge in the renowned Hyderabadi Dum Biriyani.

Cochin, a natural harbour and the commercial capital of Kerala has charmed travellers and explorers since the 1st century till date. Cochin is loved for its laid back culture, old world charm and its rich history accentuated by the number of invasions it faced and her evolution as the Queen of Arabian Sea.

Mysore the cultural hub of Karnataka is sweets, palaces, silks and sandalwood. An ancient city of luxury and grandeur. Mysore has seen life which was larger than life itself, such was the magnanimity of the state’s riches. Brindhavan Gardens, Krishnarajasagara Dam, Mysore Palace,St, Philomena’s Church, Chamundeshwari are the must see spots in Mysore.

Choose your grand south India tour package to experience the profundity of Peninsular South India.

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