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Kerala, the land of elephants. The guards of the rain forest! No wonder these incredible tuskers are unavoidable in all cultural processions and festivities in Kerala. Make sure when you book your Kerala holiday packages in India, include at least one temple festival to literally see our words. However Thrissur pooram is our best choice, a festival that beats all others. The city of Thrissur is Kerala’s cultural capital. A 200 year old celebration called Pooram, with caparisonedtuskers, frenzy percussions and gathering of people from all walks of life and of different faith.

Kerala has always been a host to people of different culture and nationality since the 9th century and nothing much has changed till date. The city of Cochin is a manifestation of the same. Arabs, Romans, Moors, Chinese, Portuguese, French and British made the land world famous. However the Jewish community were the pioneers since the 1st century. Kerala holiday packages in India has many itineraries or packages, that will take you to this quaint place called Fort Cochin which has a laid back culture, blame it on the old world European hangover. Churches, synagogues, temples, palaces, many centuries old leftovers of all the traders. The Chinese fishing nets to name one.

Kerala is also renowned for its pristine beaches and intertwined backwaters. With the Arabian Sea lapping on the shores of this coastal region, it is a favourite destination among beach bummers. Kerala Holiday packages in India has an array of tour packages for all beach lovers. Kerala’s palm fringed pristine beaches are balmy and refreshing for any who step in. It also offers the best sunsets around the world. A cruise through the backwaters of Kerala is a one of its kind experience. Gliding through the intricately woven scintillating waters is a profound affair.

The palm shaded backwaters, pristine beaches, heritage hotspots everything take a sharp change once you travel to the hill stations. Tea tree carpeted Munnar to Wildlife abundant Periyar to Stone Age caves of Wayanad, is loaded with rich flora and fauna of the tropical evergreen rain forest. Explore and enthral with Kerala holiday packages in India to get the best of these magical hills.

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