Top Summer Holiday Destinations in South India

Treat yourself to South India travel tour packages in Indiafor top summer holiday destinations in South India. Our special packages has the right features for you to relax and satiate on your summer trip. We have the best of Honeymoon special South India packages as well as South India summer special packages to get you the best of South India experience.

South of India has the coolest spots to beat the flaming summer. The coolest Beaches of Goa, Emerald green Tea and Spice Plantations of Munnar, Tropical dense Rainforests and Tiger reserve of Thekkady, Beautiful blue mountains of Ooty, the mystic peaks of Kodaikannal, Stone age caves of Wayanad.Discover South India tourism, or book your Weekend Getaways in South India through our South India travel tour packages in India.

Summer cab be best splashed out with Anza Holidays’South India travel tour packages in India. Munnar, a paradise for bird watchers is a breathtakingly beautiful hill station situated on the Western Ghats ranges that extends to Kerala. The rolling hills carpeted with perfectly pruned tea trees renders to Munnar’s picture perfect charm. Munnar is home to the incredible shy creatures, the NilgiriThar. The flora and fauna of Munnar are unique and strictly endemic.

Complementing the beauty Of Munnar is the nearby destination called Thekkady. One of the richest wildlife reserves, it is definitely the best choice to visit in summer. As the water sources within the jungle dries up, animals come out from the dense forest to the banks of the artificial lake created by the Mullaperiyar dam to quench their thirst, thus offering the most incredible wildlife sighting. Thekkady has the options of treks, mountain walks, border hiking, night safaris and more. Periyar Tiger reserve is one of the 27 tiger reserves of India and is passionately guarded.

Wayanad is the proud land of aborigines, forests, mountains and caves. Rugged terrains up to 2100 metres above sea level with the most exciting winding hairpin bends and ridges of the state. The rich history and mythical background of Wayanad dates back to Stone Age. Kerala’ distinctive tribes are majorly settled in Wayanad, no description is complete without mentioning the land’s original custodians, its aborigines.

Beaches of Goaare blessed withrich marine life, mesmerising sunrises, profound sunsets and hypnotic moonrises with rock studded coastlines. Avail the best of Goa at South India travel tour packages in India.Goan beaches are so full of life. The ideal summer destination for worldwide beach bummers.
The quaint little hill town called Kodaikanal in Tamil Nadu is a postcard perfect destination with pristine vistas, cool climate and plenitude of adventure trails. This mystical high range is a favourite among south India’s summer retreats.

Ootacamund dearly called as Ooty located in the Nilgiris is a beautiful mist clad highrange favoured by people for its unique botanical garden and the Nilgiris Mountain Railway, which takes you on a heritage train journey ranging from 300 to 7000 feet above sea level.

Travel with Anza Holidays’south India travel tour packages in India when summer knocks your door!

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